Sunday, 22 March 2015

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http://www.duematernity.comWho better to draw maternity fashion inspiration from than a style icon like Gwen Stefani, Kate Middleton or Rachel Bilson? Go for a daring look like Kortney Kardashian, Megan Fox or Kristen Bell. Alyssa Milano, Shikira and Stacy Keiblerare a few other celebs who have showed off some amazing  pregnancy clothing.
When trying to replicate a celebrity pregnant clothes  look, most of us will need to find styles similar to the actual pregnancy clothes seen in the star watching magazines (unless you have an unlimited budget!).  It is also sometimes a good idea to borrow parts of a look or sport a more toned-downed version of the celeb-worn outfit…most of us can’t get away with a crop top at 7 months pregnant like Kristen Bell or a cheetah print jumpsuit like Kourtney Kardashian but we can do a hi-lo top or a cheetah print legging (both together would be super cute!)
Some of our favorite celebrities do wear “off the rack” pregnancy clothes from designers that are totally affordable…Kate Middleton and Gwen Stefani are both fans of Seraphine while Megan Fox and Alyssa Milano have both chosen Everly Grey maternity clothes. Paige Premium Maternity Jeans,  Belly Bandit, Ingrid & Isabel and Ripematernity are a few other hot brands that the Hollywood pregnant mamas are often spotted in.
Perhaps the biggest trend in celebrity pregnant clothes is to wear non maternity or mix it up and wear a maternity piece with a non-maternity piece. Many celebrities have been seen in the ultra-stretchy Tees by Tina brand tops and dresses, even at 9 months pregnant! You can also wear a pregnancy dress topped  with a regular sized denim jacket or cardigan or try belting a non-maternity sweater dress (over the belly) and wear it as a tunic over maternity leggings. Some women are able to use a Bella Band with their pre-pregnancy bottoms throughout their 9 months.

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